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"...I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with EMedicalNotes. It is the greatest thing happened to my office. Not only is this Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system easy to use, it has saved my office time and money.."
George Zureikat, MD

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Why EMedicalNotes?

EMedicalNotes Benefits

It is clear that a new standard is evolving for medical records. The electronic medical record is a powerful new tool for improving the quality of care and enhancing office efficiency. EMedicalNotes offers a number of clinical and administrative benefits to help your practice.

Improves Clinical Efficiency, Patient Care, and Customer Service

An EMR includes a number of features that allow the clinical side of the practice to operate more efficiently. EMedicalNotes users enjoy these benefits from their system:

  • Improves documentation quality (legible, organized, complete)
  • Facilitates better patient relationships Provides built-in protocols and reminders (including health maintenance)
  • Improves medication management
  • Enhances efficiency of signing of charts
  • Inter-Office Messaging System
  • Prescription Writer
  • Conforms to the specific needs of the practice
  • Integrates with most medical office equipment

Reduces Costs

The productivity and efficiency gains of an EMR translate into lowering the bottom line cost of running a practice. EMedicalNotes customers report these as some of their cost benefits:

  • Reduces transcription costs
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Reduces internal/external copying expenses
  • Lowers malpractice insurance costs
  • Reduces pharmacy costs
  • Reduces paper cost

Return On Investment

In addition to substantial cost savings, an EMR can positively impact the top line of a practice in a number of ways:

  • Improves the completeness of documentation
  • Improves coding accuracy
  • Increasing the number of services offered

Boosts the number of visits per day

Successful EMR sites are more efficient than traditional offices. As a result, the number of personnel required to support physicians is lower than at paper based offices.  These improvements can be attributed to the following:

  • Reduces chart pulls and less filing
  • Allows universal access to the chart (by more than one person at a time)
  • Eliminates time spent searching for lost charts
  • Reduces phone tag with patients
  • Improves internal office communication
  • Reduces call-backs from pharmacies
  • Improves compliance with chart requests and chart audits
Home Products Features Support Contact Us Blog Sunday, May 19th 2024 01:32PM