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"...I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with EMedicalNotes. It is the greatest thing happened to my office. Not only is this Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system easy to use, it has saved my office time and money.."
George Zureikat, MD

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Welcome to EMedicalNotes

EMedicalNotes was designed by a Physician for Physicians. Understanding the needs of a busy office and having a physician's intuitive approach to designing EMedicalNotes gives it an impressive advantage over the competition.

The mission of EMedicalNotes is to effectively transition physician offices to a paperless more efficient setting in a cost effective manner.

By fulfilling this mission EMedicalNotes gives the physicians more time, reduces and/or eliminates transcription costs, eliminates materials to create the paper chart, storage, remote access to their practice, the ability to view patient information at a glace or faxing prescriptions and referral correspondence with the click of a button are only a few of the ways EMedicalNotes will benefit your practice.

Dear Doctor and Medical Office Staff,

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to learn more about EMedicalNotes. I am confident that you will be impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of this EMR software. This software is superior to other software on the market because I am a physician as well as a programmer. I am using this same software in my daily practice. I have the advantage of being a physician who sees patients on a daily basis. I know how the medical office is run, and more importantly, I know what the staff needs. Many of the EMR software programs on the market share several of the same features as EMedicalNotes. Here are few features that are exclusive to EMedicalNotes.

  • Linux: We use Linux as an operating system on the server which means legendary reliability (many servers run for months without having to be rebooted), no known viruses and much less money to spend on the hardware. Your workstations could be Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Ease of use: Both staff and physicians can be trained in a short time. Spend your time seeing patients instead of spending several days or weeks for training.
  • Remote Access: Simple, secure remote access to all your data wherever there is an Internet connection. No need to install a client software on a remote computer to access your data, it's simple and secure.
  • Remote Backup: Nightly remote backup of your data to a secure location. This should put your mind at ease knowing that all your information is securely backed up.
  • Support: If you should have the need for technical support, we can access your computer from our engineering office. The issue can usually be repaired in minutes, without the need to send a technician to your site.

    These are a few highlights of the software. We will be happy to demonstrate all the features of EMedicalNotes in an informative in-office demonstration. We are anxious to get your office started on saving time and money. Paperless offices are the wave of the future and EMedicalNotes can do that for you.

    We hope to schedule a demo with your office at your earliest convenience. Please call (810) 496-3107 for more information.

    Yours truly,

    Ayman Haidar, MD
    Chief Executive Officer/President

  • Home Products Features Support Contact Us Blog Sunday, May 19th 2024 01:49PM