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"...I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with EMedicalNotes. It is the greatest thing happened to my office. Not only is this Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system easy to use, it has saved my office time and money.."
George Zureikat, MD



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Medical Records

Designed by a physician for physicians

EMedicalNotes is a comprehensive EMR software suite designed by a physician for physicians. Created through understanding the needs of a busy office and having a physician's intuitive approach to design, the technology behind EMedicalNotes gives it an impressive advantage over the competition.

It provides at a glance access to schedules, patient charts, financial information and gives an overall better awareness of the office workings. An internal messaging system allows all staff to effectively communicate with physicians and among themselves. This allows offices to reduce administrative overhead and increase office efficiency.

Patient charts can be created very quickly using a customizable template system that allows physicians to draft charts that reflect their style and verbiage. The templates are then saved and used in the future, leaving the ability to edit and create new templates. Added features such as the abbreviated words and abbreviated phrases allow the physician to draw frequently used information into a chart. The physician then has the option to spell check, electronically sign, and quickly create the claim for the visit, often all before the patient leaves the exam room. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, transcription costs.

Appointment Scheduler

The EMedicalNotes Scheduler allows for quick and accurate access to Physician's schedules. Your staff will work more efficiently with this customized system, since the scheduled patient information is directly linked to the patient's chart. This allows for a quick response to a patient's needs with a simple click of the mouse. Previous and future appointments, current medications, test results and all other details are immediately displayed. The EMedicalNotes Scheduler is great for small and large offices giving the ability to keep multiple physician's schedules separate. This sophisticated and extremely user friendly scheduler, will streamline any office and result in increased productivity that you will notice immediately.

  • Find brief patient information such as phone number, reason for visit, insurance carrier and age by just hovering over a scheduled name.
  • Makes confirming appointments very simple.
  • More than one person can be accessing the scheduler at the same time without double-booking the same patient.
  • Delete, change or add appointments in seconds.
  • Custom defined 'type of appointment' codes that can be linked to the amount of time for the visit.
  • Prints appointment labels to remind patients of future appointments.
  • Convenient color coding allows the user to quickly look at days, weeks and months ahead and see how heavy the schedule is and what physicians are practicing at that time.
  • Notes can be added along with the appointment to provide additional patient information.

Security & Accessibility

Each staff member with access to EMedicalNotes is given an ID and password to prevent any unauthorized users from gaining access to the secure information. The physician or administrator can limit levels of accessibility based on job function and can view a login report to track all users. All information entered into the systems is saved on a local server, and unlike other EMR systems, remotely to a second location for that extra peace of mind.

EMedicalNotes is fully HIPAA compliant and completely secure. Its easily accessible, which means that a physician has availability to all patient and office information from anywhere in the world, provided there is Internet connectivity. Access is granted via the Internet through a secure web layer with special encryption.

The software is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and with most office procedure equipment. (i.e. EKG, Spirometer etc.) This means that equipment packages are customizable and in most instances existing equipment can be used.

Script writer

Writing a script is very simple, accurate and error proof. With few clicks you can pick one of over 600 common medications already in the database or add your own to the script and it will be added automatically to the medications database.

Once you are done with the script, pick a pharmacy from the list of your local pharmacies and fax the script directly to it. Patients love this feature, the prescription will be ready by the time they get to the pharmacy. The system will also keep track of the patient's pharmacy preference.

Refills are only one click away, you will be able to refill the same medicine with the same instructions with one click. If you fax many of your scripts to Medco, you will appreciate the extra button to send the script directly to Medco, again with one click. Tacking medicines that you prescribed is not a guessing game any more, you will see a list of all the medications you prescribed including the directions, quantity and number of refills.

Creating Charts

Creating charts in EMedicalNotes is a flexible and an easy process It uses the concept of templates. Pick one template that may be related to a particular diagnosis or a symptom and make few pertinent changes then save the chart; it's as simple as that. Of course, EMedicalNotes adds a few extra tools to make even the small changes easier. These tools include abbreviations that expand to a word or a whole paragraph, drop down menus that will add chunks of text to the chart, and the ability to merge more than one template together to create a chart. EMedicalNotes also includes a very easy to use spell checker for your charts. The charts come out as your own words not as a computer generated bulleted text. Fax the chart that was just created to any fax number in your system with only a few clicks. Creating templates is as simple as creating a new chart, give it a new name and save it as a new template. The number of templates is not limited.

Tracking your progress

Administrative reporting and accountability is very important in the medical field. EMedicalNotes allows you to obtain reports that can be viewed in statistical or graph forms. View daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly charges, insurances, patient volume by day of week, etc. and more... all with the click of the mouse. Make sound business decisions based on real-time information.
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